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Melbourne Art Foundation Melbourne Art Fair

2008: Peter Hennessey ‘My Humvee (Inversion Therapy)’

At first glance, My Humvee’s blunt proportions and monochromatic surface lend it a sense of mournful monumentality. Looming almost six metres in height, the work’s nature is obscured by it’s dark exterior, lending it a deceptively minimal elegance. On closer inspection its vehicular features become more obvious, and the towering block resolves into an upturned Jeep. The work is meticulously recreated according to the actual dimensions of a Jeep, but produced using processes and materials that ‘perform’ the object rather than reproduce it.

Peter Hennessey is an artist whose experimental work is largely based on model making and revolves around an investigation into objects that we all know well but only virtually, through media and can never have an actual physical experience of.

Hennessey is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne and Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide.

My Humvee (inversion therapy) was funded by Melbourne Art Foundation and the University of Queensland Art Museum.


Artist: Peter Hennessey, 2008 MAF Commission from Melbourne Art Foundation on Vimeo.