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Melbourne Art Foundation Melbourne Art Fair

2010: Jon Campbell ‘Stacks on’

Described as an Australian ‘pop painter’, Jon Campbell created Stacks On as a massive assemblage of light boxes and banners, adorned with sewn and painted elements.

Stacks On was premiered at the 2010 Melbourne Art Fair and gifted by Melbourne Art Foundation to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Taking materials from the everyday and assembling them to match his personal sensibilities, Campbell uses paintings, cut-outs, banners, neons and placards to demonstrate his love of suburbia and its vernacular, popular music and attendant culture, printing, design and advertising, sport and youth culture. His works define the look of the world in which Campbell lives, the accent and humour of its language, and how signs can articulate its culture and history.

These signs contain text that are sometimes loud and boisterous but never offensively so. They have a beauty about them that encourages belief.

With his use of words and phrases as imagery, Campbell captures aspects of his culture that are both lived and observed, that are local, national and international, and can be spoken, written, sung and read.


Artist: Jon Campbell 2010 MAF Commission from Melbourne Art Foundation on Vimeo.

Stacks On was funded by Melbourne Art Foundation and gifted to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.