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Melbourne Art Foundation Melbourne Art Fair

2012: Ian Burns ‘Clouds’

Against the cultural backdrop of the increasingly virtual nature of the screen-based image, Ian Burns presented Clouds, a sculptural work that links the technological screen with embodied experience.

An imposing sculptural form, Clouds presents the viewer with a pseudo-cinematic series of scenes that suggest a narrative but without end. Generated within the sculpture itself, the scenes are based on images of motion, specifically flight. Ladders, toys, tables, lights, salad bowls and other everyday items are repurposed towards the live re-creation of imagery of the clichéd cinematic sublimity of air travel.

Displaying images alongside the process of their actual production, Burns builds a diorama of our contemporary visual world. By the inventive nature of the construction, and the use of commonplace objects to create believable live video renditions of apparently real footage, his work encourages a playful spirit of investigation.

Clouds was created in the months preceding the Fair at acclaimed Yarra Valley winery Domaine Chandon where Burns was Artist in Residence.

Burns is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and mother’s tankstation, Dublin.

Clouds was funded by Melbourne Art Foundation.