Ambassadors 2022


Interior Designer and Collector 

Tamsin Johnson is an interior architect, decorator and antique dealer. The three passions work complimentary to each other in curating a home for her clients.  What Tamsin’s interiors have in common is warmth, weightlessness, character and an extraordinary serenity.  ‘My interiors are a blend of classic pieces, craftsmanship and obscure highlights with a focus on comfort, function, timelessness but most importantly the feel.’ Every interior should be an essay in balance restraint and exquisite quality.

Art plays a central role in our inspiration and design process. It has a pivotal place in every individual interior. Rarely a space will feel complete without the addition of art. Its sometimes the first place we start and often where we finish.  I like to introduce art to my clients but not teach them what they should see or if they should like it.


Founder & Director, Research, RATIONALE

Since 1992, Richard has worked alongside leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons to craft skincare formulations that are considered the platinum standard in protecting and restoring the natural luminosity of
human skin.

A global authority on solar and environmental skin ageing, Richard’s pioneering research into the relationships
between skin genetics and epigenetic environmental influences led to his development of the RATIONALE Essential Six—a topical skin ritual built around the six facets of skin health.

Based on Richard’s unique and profound understanding of skin anatomy and physiology, the Essential Six Collections comprise formulations designed to enhance Resilience, Vitality and Brilliance by day, and rejuvenate skin’s Integrity, Clarity and Renewal processes each night.

Today, Richard is dedicated to directing RATIONALE’s talented Team of research scientists and innovation channels at RATIONALE HQ in Melbourne, Australia. A classically trained pianist and cellist, Richard is also passionately immersed in the world of art and culture, and was an accomplished performer and musical
educator prior his entry into the world of
dermatological research.


Christie Nicolaides

Jewellery Designer

Australian jewellery designer Christie Nicolaides has swiftly garnered a loyal international audience of discerning collectors for her unique jewellery designs characterised by a baroque sensibility and an exuberant aesthetic.

Each of Nicolaides collections have been strongly influenced by her artistic upbringing and Greek heritage, as well as her love of antique, antiquities and vintage runway jewellery. An avid art collector and frequent traveller, Nicolaides brings this passion for art, fashion and culture together with her own exotic personal aesthetic to each themed collection.

Pascale Gomes-McNabb

Interior designer

With a bold take on design, she is influenced by the exploration of architecture, art, travel, food, nature and culture.

An ex-restaurateur she has created some of Australia’s most respected, award-winning establishments including, Cumulus Inc., Cutler & Co (her own places) and for others; Penfolds’ Magill Estate Restaurant and Stokehouse among others.

Her work encompasses commercial to residential interior landscapes, furniture, objects, jewellery and lighting, creating holistic environments that merge art and design to deliver visually engaging, intuitive, and thought provoking yet intensely functional and comfortable nuanced designs.

Jordan Gogos

Founder & Designer, GOGOS and Iordanes Spyridon Gogos

Jordan Gogos is the founder and lead designer of object-furniture brand GOGOS and wearables brand, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos. 

Gogos’ work across set design, art, fashion and furniture has spanned internationally across installations, store designs, exhibitions and publications. Gogos was recognised as a change maker at 2021 Australian Fashion Week for his work in sustainability, co-design and representation in fashion.

Holly Lucas

Creative Director, Lucas Restaurants 

Creative Director Holly Lucas is the driving force and creative lead behind brands Chin Chin Melbourne and Sydney, Hawker Hall, Baby Pizza, Kong BBQ, Kisumè and GoGo Bar, part of acclaimed Lucas Restaurants.

Always evolving through meaningful, creative and strategic partnerships and concepts, Holly is dedicated to curating and driving experience which offer guests a unique take on dining that transcends the traditional restaurant offering; using the venues as a platform for creative expression. Tamsin Johnson
Richard Johnson