Melbourne Art Fair looks forward to welcoming you to its 2022 edition, 17-20 February 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. These COVID-19 guidelines have been formulated to ensure the safety of all visitors, exhibitors, and staff; to address the requirements that Melbourne Art Fair must fulfill in order to stage the fair and to comply with the regulations and recommendations of the Victorian Government, as well as those of the venue and with the health and safety of our visitors, galleries, suppliers and staff as our first priority. 

These rules and guidelines apply to all attendees of Melbourne Art Fair 2022.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from these guidelines but are required to wear a mask unless they are 11 years and under. In this instance, attendees include, but are not limited to exhibitors, VIP guests, partners, suppliers, visitors, and contractors and suppliers. Those unwilling to abide by these measures and protocols may be asked to leave, as their presence will represent a potential health and safety risk for other Melbourne Art Fair attendees.

1.1 Entry Requirements

Attendees will be required to download and check-in with the Service Victoria app on your smartphone. 

Attendees must show their digital VIP Pass, badge, or ticket to enter the fair, and must also pass through a security screening to gain access to the venue. 

1.2 Health and Safety Protocol

Attendees aged 12 and over must provide proof of a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate, presented on a recognised Australian Government State Services app or as a download from myGov.

Guests who were vaccinated outside Australia with a vaccine that has been approved by the TGA can present their proof of vaccination, as well as valid photo ID. 

Those wishing to enter the venue will be instructed to wait in line, follow floor signage and host instructions, and wear a mask. Melbourne Art Fair reserves the right to deny entry to the fair to attendees deemed a health and safety risk. In such an unlikely event, ticket costs may be reimbursed.

2.1 Personal Protective Equipment

Wearing a mask on the fair’s premises will be a condition of entry for all visitors and staff members. This includes the queuing areas prior to entering the halls. Masks will be available for purchase on-site. All security staff, as well as hosts, will wear protective masks.

2.2 Hand Hygiene

Frequent, thorough handwashing with soap and water is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. The venue will ensure that washing facilities with soap and water are available throughout the building.

If attendees cannot regularly wash their hands with soap and water, they must disinfect them with hand sanitizer. Hand-sanitizer stations will be positioned at entrances and exits, toilets, desks and welcoming areas, catering areas, as well as various common areas.

2.3 Reducing Surface Contact

In order to keep surface contact to a minimum, Melbourne Art Fair will implement the following measures:

  • Touch-based artworks will be limited and regularly cleaned. Visitors must disinfect their hands prior to touching the work
  • Ticket / VIP pass check upon entry will be contactless
  • Contactless payment will be available at points of sale
  • Physical contact between staff and attendees at entrances and security checks will be reduced to a minimum
  • Tickets for the cloakroom will not be reusable

2.4 No-contact Policy

We ask exhibitors, attendees and staff to avoid physical contact such as hugging and shaking hands.

2.5 Venue cleaning 

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and Melbourne Art Fair will increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of premises, especially frequently touched surfaces and items. These include, but are not limited to bathrooms, counters, entrance and exit areas, cloakrooms, door handles, lift panels, stair railings, escalator handrails, and technical equipment.

3.1 Physical Distancing

Melbourne Art Fair will implement measures that may allow visitors to keep an adequate distance from each other for social distancing. This includes the implementation of: 

  • 7,000 sqm exhibition space
  • Widened aisles throughout the show floor
  • 500 sqm entrance foyer 
  • 500 sqm central Piazza  
  • Visitors should keep a distance of 1.5m between each other in the queuing areas outside the fair
  • The number of visitors in the halls will be closely monitored. Should new capacity related rules and recommendations be issued by state authorities, Melbourne Art Fair may adjust the halls’ capacity during public days.
  • Fewer tickets will be sold for access to the fair on public days
  • Melbourne Art Fair has adjusted its fair architecture for a more even distribution of attendees throughout the venues.

3.2 Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC)

To maximise air quality, HVAC essential safety systems continue to be maintained in accordance with regulations, ensuring the ongoing
compliance of MCEC’s buildings.

To increase fresh airflow, the following measures are in place:

  • Building code minimum outdoor air rates maintained during unoccupied periods to ensure there are no periods of stagnation.
  • Increased ventilation rates as high as 100 per cent outside air during occupied periods through the Building Automated System.

4.1 Ticketing

Melbourne Art Fair has implemented digital ticketing. Tickets should be purchased in advance online HERE

4.2 VIP Passes

VIP Passes are by invitation only and are now fully digital. All VIPs will be required to preregister their attendance to receive their digital VIP Pass.

4.3 Contactless Checkpoints

Ticket and VIP Pass scanners that allow for contactless credential verification will be used at all entrances. Staff will be available to assist with any issues.

3.3 Food and Beverage  

MCEC adheres to strict food safety policies, procedures and practices  registered with the City of Melbourne and audited externally by a third party. All of their food and beverage employees are required to complete compulsory Food Safety and Hygiene training annually in order to comply with MCEC’s stringent food safety policies and procedures.

All food is prepared in MCEC kitchens under a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) accredited system. In addition to MCEC’s standard food safety policies and procedures, their food and beverage team team are taking the following additional precautions:

  1. Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitisation across all high
    touch points.
  2. Additional sanitisation stations with signage in all designated catering areas.
  3. In conjunction with our Food Safety Plan our catering staff and chefs
    follow safe work practices including regular hand washing and sanitising, wearing gloves during food preparation and physical distancing. In addition all suppliers and contractors must also comply with, and follow all regulations in their Food Safety Plans as registered with their local council.
  4. Clean Keep cups can be utilised at retail outlets, MCEC cannot clean cups on behalf of visitor.

5.2 Seating and Layout

General seating will be placed so that guests will be at a safe distance from other guests. Please do not rearrange public seating to accommodate your own needs as it will have been arranged with health and safety measures in mind. 

5. 3 Contactless Payment

All catering outlets will be cashless and will accept credit/debit payments.

6.1 Health and Safety Guidance

Melbourne Art Fair continues to monitor the situation thoroughly and remains in close contact with the venue and state government to provide its visitors with the most accurate and up to date information. Additional measures may be required for entry to the fair. Melbourne Art Fair will communicate these details to attendees as early as possible.

6.2 COVID-19 Marshals

To ensure that health and safety measures are being respected, several COVID marshals will be present at the venue. They will reiterate key health messages and support visitors where required throughout the venue.

6.3 Events

To avoid large groups or crowds congregating, events hosted by Melbourne Art Fair will take place with limited capacity. Those participating in these events must continue to abide by the rules described above. The format of specific Melbourne Art Fair events might have to be altered in order to comply with the rules stipulated by state or local authorities. Melbourne
Art Fair will inform guests of event-specific health and safety measures should these differ from the rules outlined above. Melbourne Art Fair cannot be held liable for the format and structure of events hosted by third parties, including partners and clients.

6.4 Contractors and Suppliers

All contractors and suppliers hired by MAF during Melbourne Art Fair in Melbourne will have to wear masks whenever on the fair’s premises.