Donna Marcus


Donna Marcus is an Australian artist best known for her use of vast collections of discarded
aluminium kitchenware in her practice. Constructed from discarded kitchen utensils – plastic
and aluminium teapots, lids, jelly moulds, steamers, colanders, egg poachers and bottle tops –
her sculptures draw viewers into a world of kitchens both remembered and imagined. Marcus is
engaged by the stories evoked by these objects, and by the familiarity they engender in many
viewers. Their original uses are recalled and extended by the process of assemblage, as they
are combined into the repetitive forms of modernist grids and spheres. The materials themselves
generate another layer of reference, and further extend the modernist impulse to regularity,
repetition, and dream.

Marcus has exhibited extensively both within Australia and internationally, appearing in major sculpture
survey and award exhibitions at institutions such as the Museum of Art and Design, New York, the
NGA, and the Powerhouse.