Reggie Uluru paints shimmering colours in the rhythm of dance as he sings the Ngintaka ancestorial story that he knows so well.
Reggie Uluru is senior traditional custodian of Uluru and was part of the official hand back of his lands by the Australian Federal Government in 1985. He has taught countless visitors his ancestral lore over many years as a ranger and tour guide.
Now revered elder and ceremony songman, Reggie Uluru sits and paints to teach his knowledge passing down his songlines through time and space.
“I feel proud to teach young ones about country, my Tjukurpa, our learning stories, about the family ancestors, the spirits, how to find waterholes and bush tucker. Show them the right way, the connection to culture how my father Paddy taught me long time. I now live in Mutitjulu, where I paint Wati Ngintaka, Perentie Lizard Man” Reggie Uluru⠀

Courtesy of Walkatjara Art Uluru