Melbourne Art Week: Supporting Living Artists

Melbourne Art Foundation continues to support contemporary art and living artists through its presentation of Melbourne Art Week and in 2018 has joined with Associate Partner, MLC Life Insurance, to commission a new work from Japanese-born, Australian-based artist Hiromi Tango entitled Lizard Tail (Dawn).

Susan Karson, Chief People, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Officer, MLC Life Insurance said:

“We are delighted to partner with Melbourne Art Week in 2018 to support the commissioning of a new body of work by celebrated Japanese/Australian performance artist Hiromi Tango. Premised on the notion of interactivity, forging individual, social and cultural connections, Hiromi’s new work encapsulates the ethos of Melbourne Art Week in the bringing together of more than 50 cultural organisations to celebrate and support contemporary art and living artists.”

The Lizard Tail is a recurring theme in Tango’s work having originated as a small textile sculpture in a 2014 exhibition at Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney. Tango’s work explores the human brain and how it adapts and responds to emotional experiences and in this body of work uses the lizard, and its unique ability to discard its tail as a metaphor saying, ‘Even though the lizard may drop its tail in an effort to confuse predators, it will continue to grow back. Likewise, with each effort to separate oneself from past traumatic events or patterns of reactive behaviour, the tendencies to recreate the same circumstances over and over again seem to grow stronger.’

Lizard Tail (Dawn) is the sixth iteration of the Lizard Tail concept. It explores human interaction with the urban environment, and our constant connectivity to devices. It questions what we may be losing of ourselves in this era of being constantly connected, and always striving to analyse everything about ourselves. Lizard Tail (Dawn) ruminates on the mystery of those fleeting moments in the early hours, just before you awaken, and the lines between conscious and subconscious become blurred. The Lizard Tail is an accumulation of those things that are just out of the grasp of your consciousness, that you carry with you nonetheless. 

Tango performed Lizard Tail (Dawn) on Southbank Art Precinct, weaving through Melbourne’s iconic cultural landmarks and institutions, finally resting alongside ACCA, the 2018 home of Melbourne Art Fair.

View Lizard Tail (Dawn) Video