Jazz Money

Three Pieces of Light, 2024

Three Pieces of Light is a poetic intervention of neon text spread, scattered in a manner to invite audiences on a journey through fragmented lines of poetry. 

Poetry attunes us to the small spectacle moments of life and teaches us to pay close attention to what can be learnt by observing how light gets in to any given moment. 

Three Pieces of Light is comprised of three short lines of text that can be read and reread in different formations to give different meanings. Each line asks us to consider the very small and the very large, across images of dawn, stars, song and ‘small spectacular moments’ the words invite their own interpretation for each visitor to understand in their own manner.” —Jazz Money

Artist Biography 

Jazz Money (b. 1992, Wiradjuri) is an artist, poet and filmmaker. Their cross-disciplinary practice speaks to language, narrative and First Nations’ legacies of place. Via agile poetics and moving images Money’s work is an energetic vessel for the oral tradition of story-telling of First Nations cultures which over millennia has been the living instrument of care on and for this continent.

Money is exhibiting in the 18th Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Inner Sanctum curated by José Da Silva at the Art Gallery of South Australia opening 1 March 2024. Their first feature film, WINHANGANHA, premiered in 2023 and was commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. It is touring nationally and internationally in 2024.

Represented by The Commercial (Gadigal Country/Sydney), Booth C1.

Jazz Money, hold this water in the waters of your knowing (detail), 2022. Installation view, Primavera 2022: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2022. Photograph: Marcus Wright.