Explore and Collect With Christie Nicolaides

Australian jewellery designer and Melbourne Art Fair ambassador Christie Nicolaides has swiftly garnered a loyal international audience of discerning collectors for her unique jewellery designs characterised by a baroque sensibility and an exuberant aesthetic.

Each of Nicolaides’ collections have been strongly influenced by her artistic upbringing and Greek heritage, as well as her love of antique, antiquities and vintage runway jewellery. An avid art collector and frequent traveller, Nicolaides brings this passion for art, fashion and culture together with her own exotic personal aesthetic to each themed collection.

Christie spoke with Melbourne Art Fair about her most anticipated galleries and artists coming to the Fair this month;


Sutton Gallery (Naarm/Melbourne), Booth C2
Gordon Bennett

Growing up in Queensland, I was exposed to Gordon Bennet’s work from a young age. A family friend had a large-scale work hanging in their living room and it was always something I was drawn to. In my opinion, he is one of the most prolific Australian artists and I always take the opportunity to view his works whenever I can.

Gordon Bennett, Thin Lines #22, 2004, acrylic on paper, 121cm x 80cm. Courtesy Sutton Gallery (Naarm/Melbourne).


Yavuz Gallery (Gadigal Country/Sydney, Singapore), Booth C3
Abdul Abdullah

I first discovered Abdul’s work in 2015 at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) as part of the Future Collective. His provocative works are equally challenging and beautiful.

Abdul Abdullah, Shared Success, 2024, oil on linen, 102cm x 76cm. Courtesy the artist and Yavuz Gallery (Gadigal Country/Sydney, Singapore).


The Commercial (Gadigal Country/Sydney), Booth C1
Diena Georgetti

I dream of owning a work by conceptual painter Diena Georgetti. I love her use of colour and the way she combines shapes into unlikely compositions.

Diena Georgetti, Digital study for Melbourne Art Fair, 2023. Courtesy the artist and The Commercial (Gadigal Country/Singapore).


Sullivan+Strumpf (Gadigal Country/Sydney, Naarm/Melbourne, Singapore), Booth C7
Gregory Hodge

After looking through my saved images on Instagram and seeing how many of Gregory Hodges works’ abstract paintings I had saved, it makes me realise how much I admire his work. He is most definitely on my wish list.

Gregory Hodge, Grove, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 230 cm. Photo: Aaron Anderson. Courtesy the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf (Gadigal Country/Sydney, Naarm/Melbourne, Singapore).

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