WATCH | Oigåll Projects Designs Ambitious, Luxury VIP Lounge Featuring Collectible Design

Melbourne Art Fair spoke with directors of independent commercial gallery Oigåll Projects, Andy Kelly and Mitchell Zurek, about the origins of their gallery space, celebrating experimental works, and their ambitious design for the Fair’s VIP Lounge. Commissioned by the Melbourne Art Foundation to bring the Lounge to life for the 17th edition of the Fair next week, the design offers an intimate luxury space to showcase contemporary art and design.



Oigåll Projects curates a collection of design pieces and artworks across the 300sqm footprint which will be available for purchase. Artists and designers Robert Hague, Michael Gittings, Anna Varendorff, Jeremy Blincoe, Brud Studia and Cordon Salon have pushed their materials and techniques to the absolute limits. Not for the faint of heart, these works have been created under great pressure, heat and physical stress.

Harnessed by a playful and inventive spirit, Oigåll Projects is an independent commercial gallery in Fitzroy, offering artists and designers a space to exhibit experimental design, contemporary art and objects in an immersive setting. Established in 2021 the project is buoyed by a ‘explorative’ spirit – a tender reference to the attitudes of its namesake.


Melbourne Art Fair takes place next week. Tickets available here.

The artworks featured in the lounge will also be showcased on MAF Virtual, the online version of the Fair, live from 23 February to 8 March.