Proximity by Gertrude

Proximity presents new and recent works by unrepresented artists within Gertrude‘s (Naarm/Melbourne) 2-year Studio Program. The presentation pays tribute to the interior architecture of the studio complex to connect the production environment to the environment of the Melbourne Art Fair. The project’s title makes reference to the close-knit quarters of the studio environment as a site supporting 16 diverse artistic practices at any given time, artists working individually yet within a shared environment. Through this, Proximity functions as a form of transposition, reframing a site of research and production as a mechanism for collective presentation. The Project Room brings to attention Gertrude’s 39 year history of supporting studio practice while presenting a selection of current artists within Gertrude’s Studio Program not yet represented by commercial galleries. 

Exhibiting Artists 2024

Elyas Alavi, Arini Byng, Francis Carmody, Ruth Höflich, Georgia Morgan and Lisa Waup.

Proximity, Gertrude (Naarm/Melbourne) at Melbourne Art Fair 2024. Photo: Andrew Ang.