A Moment with Tamsin Johnson – Art Fair Ambassador

Tamsin Johnson is an interior architect, decorator and antique dealer. The three passions work complimentary to each other in curating a home for her clients.  What Tamsin’s interiors have in common is warmth, weightlessness, character and an extraordinary serenity.  ‘My interiors are a blend of classic pieces, craftsmanship and obscure highlights with a focus on comfort, function, timelessness but most importantly the feel.’

Every interior is an essay in balance restraint and exquisite quality. Art plays a central role in her inspiration and design process, and has a pivotal place in every individual interior.

‘Rarely a space will feel complete without the addition of art. Its sometimes the first place we start and often where we finish.  I like to introduce art to my clients but not teach them what they should see or if they should like it.

‘Patrick and myself have spent about 13 years  collecting both Australian and international art. Our home is decorated like a journal, each piece a memento of a trip, a time in our life or a new discsovery. Our walls are forever changing as we interchange our works between home and our showrooms, office. Andy Warhol once said, ‘if you are a creator and you love art, you need to re-evaulate. You cannot stay the same’.

Tamsin Johnson 


Australian artists 

I adore the work of Kate Tucker for her use of colour, sculpture and form. Its contemporary, decorative but also emotional.

I also love Daniel Boyd, Oscar Perry, Coen Young, Kirsty Budge, Trent Parke, Hanne Pascoe White,  and of course Bill Henson.  


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