Lottie Consalvo


Lottie Consalvo’s interests lie in our invisible worlds; thought, imagination and dreams are key themes throughout her work. With a practice traversing painting, performance, video, and sculpture, she looks at the physicality of the overwhelming presence of thought and the impact the mind has on all living things. She parallels these natural phenomena of the mind with that of nature by drawing out the mystical properties of the ocean, the horizon, the bush and other species. She parallels this inability to fully understand nature with our inner-worlds and draws out ideas around desire, longing, loss and the ungraspable.

Our introduction to Lottie came through her husband, James Drinkwater, who happened to be one of Alpha60's initial collaborations with an artist way back in 2017. Since that point, our connection with Lottie has flourished. When Lottie provided me with the brief, it centred around the concept of an Italian widow Nonna, evoking nostalgic memories of her grandmother's